Thursday, September 15, 2011


    Hot damn this is one sweet mecha. I think it stands about the height of a PG Gundam or taller. Do NOT call this a Transformer! It's by China company TFC toys, and I don't know why it kinda looks familiar to me *cough - devastator~!*, but whatever it look likes, I think I'm sold. Heh.

    And guess what? Actually I found one of these rarities - the first currently released in a batch of six bots which will combine to give you the monster above. The packaging looks...well...made-in-China...but the toy's articulation and engineering is actually pretty top-notch, I must say! Joints turn every which way, and it's more posable than a Revotech figure!

    I'm looking out for the next one in line, supposedly out next month:

And more of his brethren to come:

    And another look at how these six masterpieces add up, each with original names, to form the behemoth called Hercules. I don't know about you, but it still looks pretty familiar to me....*winkwink*.


seven6398 said...

China is changing now.. i think i saw some of this mod before by a guy call Crefigz from Malaysia Penang.. you can search for his content from Google but some of the information gone..

Back to "China".. i think they had enough of copyright issues and complain for their crap toys.. and starting to come out with some high quality toys with awesome mod to convince us..

and.. damn.. this look cool.. where you found it?.. may i have the link?.. i think they just convinced me.. haha

Waylander said...

Sure dude. They've got a website but I dont think it's very well-organised, and also an FB page. Here:

For Facebook, just search "TFC toys".

Gd luck!

DarkWorkx said...

Oh my... i want this devastator badly!