Monday, March 2, 2015

I think I feel an itch...


    So I'm back blogging and dipping my toes into Gunpla again, having been inspired by the Group Build last Sunday at HAW. First up, this was the best turnout EVER! Maybe it's the subject matter, maybe it's good publicity, but wowowee, there were over 40 entries and the place was so packed it felt like a sauna even with the aircon on!!

Just check out the sheer amount of entries in this badly spliced together panoramic pic I made LOL:

    Congrats to all winners (10 of them) and the Top 3. Before we dive into a pic commentary, here are some thoughts:
  • Local gunpla is doing okay. When I 'left' the scene last year after a personal setback, I thought that gunpla was going down down down....But from Sunday's turnout it seems like there's actually new blood, guys like Toymaker and Chocofalcon have a healthy following, and the big picture looks good. That's heartening indeed.
  • HAW just got a lot more sexy. They have expanded to another unit just a few steps down the hallway, and incoporated a workshop. The original HAW will be turned into a gallery. I CAN'T WAIT. This is what I've been hoping they'd do since...well, forever. LOL. I always think that to promote Gunpla as art, you have to display it like art. Have a showcase fitting of the art-form. Make it the talk of the town. Make it a mecca must-see that modellers from all over the world would come visit. FINALLY, we're getting somewhere. *Fingers crossed*.
  • My gunpla pals are friends for life. I drifted from some of my gunpla bros since I stopped last year, but it's heart-warming to see that they still welcome me back with open arms. I didn't even asked to be a judge, but Joyce and co. gladly invited me to be one and I am honoured and grateful. I think that in the years since I've been mugging for GBWC, till I took a break from the hobby, I probably forgot about the joy and camaraderie of Gunpla, of hanging out with the community and shooting the breeze on Gunpla news. As I slowly make my way back, I think these are the most important points to note. It's more than just about winning competitions and making great builds. Which brings me to the last point....
  • The itch is starting. I don't wanna promise too much yet. But seeing all the guys displaying their stuff, looking at my old works in the display cabinet of HAW and just mingling with my bros again. Man...I can feel the itch starting. I'll probably start with something OOB and move up from there again, time permitting. Stay tuned fellas ;)
And now, some of the entries:

Fo more entry pics, check out Toymaker's post

Judging took about half an hour behind closed doors. We narrowed them down to 10 favourites and then finally the Top 3. It was a close fight and tough choice! Judging gunpla is a serious business ;)

There was even a workshop conducted by chocofalcon:

And a display build by Toymaker, Kaising and Ryu:

Also more display builds by Kaising and Chocofalcon:

    With that said and done, here're the Top 3 honours, First to Third (left-right):

Congrats to all winners and everyone who participated! Thank you for your support. I can't wait for the next one! And as I've said...I think I feel an itch. ;)

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