Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Itch satisfied! DMK-03 Optimus Prime snap-fit...

    So I've been snap-fitting some stuff lately just to occupy time and get my modelling mojo back again. I bought the Takara Tomy DMK-03 Optimus Prime kit on impulse over the weekend. The last one I did in this series was a souped up KILLA BEE, which seemed like a lifetime ago.... I must say Takara upped their game with this one. The parts snap together nicely and although they are still not up to Bandai's standard, they are getting close. It's an easy build...for something this size and looking this complicated. I put it together in about 3+ hours. I'm left with the weapons but man oh man this guy's a sexaaaay beast! The flame decals are going to be a bitch to apply, but hey at least they provided decals!

    If only there were enough gunpla fans here interested in a TF crossover...You can do alotta stuff with this fella in a Group Build eh? ;) Imagine him in military colours, Char's colours, desert storm, snow storm, space mode, stealth mode, Ultra Magnus theme, Nemesis Prime theme...endless!! 

Stay tuned. I don't have my tools together or the space to start painting anymore, but I might bring it over to Toymaker's to work on this. Let's see how long this itch lasts ;)

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Kaboku said...

Welcome back to the plamo world. Glad to see that you are slowly coming back to this wonderful and great hobby. Is it ok for me to add your blog to my blog roll? thanks