Sunday, March 18, 2012

HERCULES by TFC TOYS (Toy review)

    Let's get all remnant vestiges of TFs outta my system so we can get back to Gunpla. I've had this baby for quite some time now, but never had the time to assemble it and take some pics for a post. Well finally, here it is!  Hercules by TFC Toys. No prizes for guessing which *ahem* devastating TF this monster is based on.

 What's there to say? Price-wise, it's crazy. Hercules comprises six smaller bots that sell for $130 each. TFC has been releasing them monthly over the past year. But considering that TFC is China-based, these nifties are actually pretty damn well designed and more sophisticated than your average TF Hasbro/ Takara-Tomy toy. Hence the price.

Here's a quick review break-down:

Details: Top-notch MG stuff. At this kinda price you're not gonna get lame kiddy embellishments, that's for sure. Colour-wise, if you're too lazy to paint it up (like me), the original coat is pretty good, faithful to the G1 scheme in it's sickly green-purple combo.

Engineering/ articulation: Good but not fabulous. Component parts come together in a series of male-female plugs that require quite a bit of strength to fuse into one another. Definitely not for kiddos. Credit to the makers though, for good joint articulation and transformation gimmicks overall. These bots are way more posable than your average TF toy. As for the gestalt itself, at this size and weight, don't expect it to be doing the Macarena. As expected, articulation as a whole is limited, but the basic joints - elbows, arms, waist, knees, ankles etc are all there, including jointed fingers. Nice.

Overall verdict: 7.5/10 - No regrets buying this monster even though it costs a bomb. It's definitely a good piece to collect for any toy/ mecha enthusiast, TF fan or not.

    And now that we're done with the words, here come the pics. Just toggle and ogle.

Just so you know how massive this brute is. Here's Hercules next to the PG 00:

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Leon Ku said...

Super impressive piece! It will look better if you paint it and fill in panel lines