Thursday, March 15, 2012

CYBERTRON CON 2012 - Post feature

    Well whaddaya know? There's Internet connection at 2,000m above sea level! So let's bang out a couple of quick posts to get some life on this page going! What else but a post-feature of the Cybertron Con that just wrapped in Singapore rite?

    Before I start, let's get this straight - I was NEVER there. Yep. I contributed a Killa Bee kit for a competition they were having, but never made it to the event as I was out of the country before it even happened. Credit to Leon Chen from Open the Toy then for pics. You can see more on his blog. I'll just mention a few stand-outs.

    First up, the results - Winner of the show was not surprisingly Toymaker's White Knight, or Prime painted in Ultra Magnus style. A fitting victory. I already had my eye on this one the moment I saw it:

Impressive re-creation of the movie scene. 

Nemesis Prime by Leon Ku. Top not realism characteristic of his style. 

One of my faves. I think it was titled 'We Have Been Here Before', depicting Prime against Bonecrusher (I think) in a WWII scenario. Nice concept. 

Another stand-out - Tundra Prime. What Optimus would look like if he lived in the mountains, or went all tribal. Fresh.

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