Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Monkey King (1/100 Graze conversion Group Build)

This might just be my final build for a while fellas, so it's an emotional one. Finally, I've managed to finish this baby just 2 days before I start a new life in HK. Story-time:

Why Sun Wukong? Because it's the Year of the Monkey, and I am born in the Year of the Monkey  Mostly though, I grew up reading Sun Wukong fairy tales. I am also fascinated by the story and the fantasy behind all this. Naturally, a build feels much more meaningful if you can emotionally identify with it, and the Monkey King's rise-and-fall-and-comeback story resonated with me - Once a King of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, lord of the monkeys, this thankless ape was complacent, got greedy, and thought he could challenge heaven. He was ultimately brought down by Buddha and stripped of everything...imprisoned under a mountain for eternity. Then Guan Yin Goddess of Mercy, recommended he was given a second chance fraught with challenges, of accompanying the Tang monk on an arduous journey. I identify with this story as I'm at a this crossroad of my life where Wukong was, having been to rock bottom and back. And now, I'm 'Journeying to the West'...although HK's in the East...er and up North from Singapore LOL.

I did this as part of a Clash of the Titans Group Build on the 1/100 Graze, but I guess it got outta hand and I completely went off tangent till you don't see any graze in there anymore LOL. The idea came about as early as December last year, but I kinda lost steam along the way. I bit down and told myself that I had tofinish this before leaving Singapore though, as I made a promise to a friend that I would commit to this project. I also made a promise to myself that if it's the last kit I ever do....then I'm gonna go out with some oddball eye-catching bang!
Anyway, part demonic, part heroic, this is my most wacky build to date, aside from Morrigan. I thought that a Chinese medieval theme would be a challenge, and indeed it was, but I'm proud that I saw this through.
Enjoy the pics!

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