Friday, July 27, 2012


Here's one of my favourites. An absolute monster of a build from the AOZ series. I'm quite confident this entry is a shoo-in for Top 3 or 4.
    Here are the most complete set of pics for the entries in the ongoing 2012 GBWC over in HK! I'll try to get pictures of from other participating countries as well. As far as I know, Australia has already crowned their winner. HK's winner should be announced within the next week or so (but I already have my bets on who's gonna geddit). Special credit to Lallipap and Rex Lee, as the images are taken by them.


    Firstly, let's start off with the highlights. A personal favourite -
This Sinanju may not seem like anything much from far but look closer - It is exquisitely detailed, and it even has a  psycho-frame ala Unicorn! You know what? This guy might actually win it if the judges are going for form and worksmanship. To have this much detailing and a gloss finishing is no easy feat!

    Next up, are you prepared for the Twilight Zone? Get ready....
What. The. Hell....??!? LOL. If the judges are going for creativity and absolute zani-ness, this one could be it.

Nifty little tight piece here. I like the ground texture and the blending of a Genoace into a Titus kit. Good usage of the contrast in 144-100 scales too.

Balls, balls and MORE balls!! lol

Punk rock Sinanju that will take you out with his giant guitar...or bad music!
What big feet you have!~

Nice play on the Gouf using the Murasame.

Big party going on here.

I had to do a, triple....quadruple take on this one. An Astray Prime!

Yep. I've been there, and this is quite an accurate layout of the place lol.

And now folks, as most of you must have already seen, as this one's gone viral all over the Internet. I present to you the hot favourite, the entry tipped to meet other champions in the Finals in Japan - Eday's monster of a work - Project Gwen Rezal FA

    Is your nose bleeding yet....? 


tulispendekpendek said...

I wanna join the GBWC!

*Eday is also joining*

Fuck this shit I quit

PC Fast Computer Sales and Repair said...

This is challenging... @_@ they're all good especially the first picture and the last haha

Waylander said...

Haha don't be discouraged bros! Ganbatte! If you can't copy them, OUTDO them. ;P