Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HONG KONG GBWC 2013 winners and entries (consolidated)

Lead pic credit: Jeff Ho via Plazone
    Ok fellas, one of the first of the GBWCs in our region has just wrapped - Hong Kong's. Here are the winners. What can I say? Nothing much actually LOL, I wasn't there in person to see the entries, though I would have very much liked to since it was at HK's ACG event, one of the biggest toy conventions of the year. Dayuuum... So anyways, congrats to all winners and current GBWC contestants worldwide, you know who to beat if you make it to the finals in Japan winkwink. Of course, let's not forget the other entries, which are featured here. I didn't manage to include every single entry bcos there are just too many. Yes, the Hong Kongers are an enthusiastic bunch. If only we can match them just on entry numbers alone.....At the end of this post, I will also single out a coupla of my personal favourites. I think these guys deserve recognition even though they went home empty-handed. Not that anyone cares of course, but I do! Photo credits go to Gundam Guy, Gundam Kits Collection and G-Zone.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Project Z: First WIP peek

    So a kit that I am working on right now, as you might have guessed from the sneaks posted in the last coupla weeks, is the Zgok. I just thought I'd try something non-Gundam, and an aqua suit at that. Marine MS are always a challenge since they are so odd and fugly. So my goal is to make the Zgok feel powerful, yet graceful. It's usual extendable tubular limbs have to go. I want it to have a 'hero' stance, like the land mechs. But to feel menacing and stout at the same time. After some bashing around and grafting I think I might have finally gotten the basic form on which to detail on. Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Lately I've been playing around with some ideas. Nothing is concrete or confirmed yet. Let's not even talk about GBWC lol. But it's pretty obvious what I'm working with here, is it not?