Friday, November 16, 2012

MORRIGAN (GBWC 2012 S'pore entry)

    Okay guys, here it is - The Morrigan. My hard work for the last four months. Whew. The idea is to make the Banshee monstrous, yet somehow sleek. I was looking at inspiration from Five Star Stories. I also wanted exaggerated claws because this is a FREAK. It ain't your regular MS! The Mobile Armour is a carved up Dendrobium. (Yes I am bankrupt now.) Oh and don't get your hopes too up - the lights are not LEDs, just photoshopped LOL. All in all, I'm not up to the standard I wanna be yet, but I'm satisfied with myself 'cos I think I outdid last year's attempt. There's a story behind this build, which I conjured for the fun of it. If you're not into scrolling (there are A LOT of pics), check out the video experience. More WIPs are here. Otherwise, less talk more pics - Let's roll -

That's right. That's an MG Unicorn. Now you'll have a better idea how massive this baby is! lol

Some before-after WIPs comparisons...

For some reason this is the favourite part of the entire build for me - the Evil Eye! Started out with a bottle cap, added koto bits, some spare parts, a booster in the middle and an aurora sticker - Viola!
Guess where this 'claw' came from? ;D
The goal was to give it an FSS look - micro-waist, beefed up shoulders. I'm glad I didn't have to do the legs for this. I 'd have no idea where to start...
What do you think was the inspiration for this? Godzilla. LOL. I just thought that adding some 'psychospikes' would add to the 'monster' feel of the Banshee, even though you can't really see them once the whole thing is up.

I wanted something like fin funnels for the Mobile Armour. I call mine 'fan funnels' LOL.

Used the humongous missle pod lids of the Dendrobium for the Morrigan's flank. Cut them up and threw in some details. Wanted a layered look to the psychoframe within.
I'm imagining a giant rail-gun here with psycho-frame layering.
The chassis which the Banshee will sit, carved and cut up from Dendrobium's booster unit. This piece took the most time to fashion. WHEW!

    That's all folks! I doubt I'll attempt another monster of this size. It's waaay too consuming. I'm just glad I achieved my objective - which was to finish this mofo by submission day so I can unveil it online and at the competition grounds. Am I confident of a win? To be honest, NO. There are a couple more builds that will give me a run for my money, lemme assure you that LOL. For those of you in Singapore, I'll see you at Compasspoint this weekend! 


Lemniscate said...

great work... is it just me, or the scratch-built psycho frame parts (arms) look different from the original ones (chest)? well, that's just something minor, compared to the awesomeness of the whole work. =)

Waylander said...

Thanks bro. And yep there is definitely a difference between the original and SB'ed psychoframe. Probably need to improve on my SB skills. :P

Zoidiect Archaea said...

you, Sir, had just made as if Gwen Rezel is made at such overkillness in order to face the monstrosity of Morrigan. all the best for GBWC SG, and i hope to see this against Gwen Rezel :D

Desmond Chieng said...

Hey Waylander,

This is Desmond from

Just here to say great work & all the best for GBWC SG!

Waylander said...

Zoidiect: Thanks man! I doubt I'll get to face the Rezel in Japan though. Couple more good builds here that will probably beat me, but appreciate your vote of confidence :)

Desmond: Thanks bro, saw your blog. nice work you're doing. Spread Gunpla in Singapore!!!!!

tulispendekpendek said...

Cool man! Its just that i keep thinking if Banshee's face doesn't have eyes, the eye is the booster thing above its head instead, that would be so much like the Angel of Death from Hellboy. It will look more evil.

I like the spine spikes though. Too bad they're not visible enough. Maybe if you make Banshee a little bit like a hunchback, you'll highlight the spikes more? And the spikes formed from the neck all the way through the waist. More monstrous looking that way.

Just saying though, that's my thought. Of course your work is cool enough to win something! If not some prizes, you've already win the attntion of the viewers. Haha!

I can only comment, but I've never attempt to pull off something like this. Heheh. I still thinking of Devil Gundam while looking at your work though.

Waylander said...

Thanks bro. Yeah I wanted to beef up the spikes but no time lah. At this scale, can't afford to dwell too long on one part! It IS the Devil Gundam....UC version. lol

Unknown said...

i came back to take another look at this monster entry. its truly epic. the feeling i get from it is like listening to some songs. the more u listen to it the more u like it. hope to see more inspiring works from u this gbwc yihui.. this is not just epic. its legendary!

Waylander said...

Thanks man! Much appreciated. :)